Saturday, August 18, 2012

Strength of mind?

Marching in a line. Made me realize that i was wearing boots. Which made the stomping noises. I stopped looking at myself and i gaze up. I recognize those faces. Some girls who had average grades were holding on to each other trembling. Everyone suddenly stopped at a hall. A supervising man said. All the Latin related languages speaking  persons please follow me. I followed him. Not so many people did but we did. The other supervising man took a bigger group than us. But behind us were left a group of unknown language. They followed us.

As we were ending the hall. I heard a girl with normal looking clothes crying to her friend "I'm so sorry they just pushed me a lot." I saw her face I knew her. I started getting the feeling to cry. I yearned to hold someones warm hand. The person in front of me started jogging towards the rain on the sand terrain. I did so to since i was following him. A intern offer me a pamphlet. But the paper was wet. I jogged past him. I didn't know where i was running to.

After a few minutes we reached a beach. I head on a speaker "Please reach the ship there will be guides to inform on your nest step of this journey" I started swimming towards the ship. It was a long distance. I stroked my arms with my head up fearing that if i were to look down i might get lost. I reached the ship, a male guide handed me a rope and told me to climb it. The rope didn't have any kind of security.

With that the guide said reassuring "Always look up if you were on some kind of problem yell FIRE CRACKER. Understood?"

I said "Sir, yes sir."

After the initiation each new person were at a cabin. They were four person on our cabin. Me, tow guys and a girl. The other three were watching television. I decided to stand on my hands with my feet against the wall. After that i tried doing push-ups but at the third one i fell and something also fell on top of me. One of the guys, blonde, came to me and lifted the thing that fell on me. "You must exhausted because of the swimming. Don't move i'll bring you a energy bar."

He went through every cabinet and they weren't any bars left. Well the brunette guy was eating it. He handed it over me to me. At first i neglected it but after the blonde guy gave a glass of water i ate it. And the only question remaining in my head was "What did i get myself to?"

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