Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happiness dose, sometimes once is enough

-Good morning! He said as i entered the shop and i replied as usual.

-Good morning!

-I'm here to pick up my daily dose of happiness. As i finished the man turned around to pick my dose. It's always at the middle shelf on top of the dusty ones.

-You know what can you give a double dose?

He said looking at me with a pitiful face and said

-You know if i do. For two weeks you will have the lowest dose of happiness.  I am aware that you know. But it is a rule to tell you just in case. Are you sure?

For a few seconds i hesitated, why would I wanted to be extra happy today? Right, if i was extra happy, that would imply that happiness was because something will happen related to my crush. Well, i guess anything to be next to him. Right?

-Yes, I'm sure. Can you tell me the events of happiness that are in store for me?

-You know i can't do that either, happiness is a gift don't spoil it. But let me tell you something will happen with that you like.

I blush  as he said that. How did he know that? Oh please i hope he doesn't tell.

He laughed and said.

-Don't worry i won't tell.

As soon as he said those words i was reaching my hand towards the door heading for my new day. Also heading toward the next two weeks with the lowest happiness level in my whole life. Which me success!