Saturday, August 25, 2012

Do you still miss me?

I got up from my bed. It was the middle of the night. I had a yearning to go the kitchen. To my surprise he was there. With his friend. [It wouldn't be the first time i had a dream about him.] I went towards the fridge and pick up a strawberry yogurt. As i withdraw the drawer to get a spoon. I glanced at myself on the mirror. I don't know how long i was there. But he stood behind me an opened the lower cabinet to get apple juice. The apple juice were so tiny in those boxes for him. He looked funny. None of us talked.

When i was finishing my yogurt i said. "Those juices are really tiny uh?"

"Yes, as you can i see i have drank 200 juices boxes"

It was true the boxes where everywhere! And he took another box. We kept talking. I sat on the floor next to the wine fridge. He sat on the counter of the kitchen. He had stopped talking to me. I really had miss him. He's been nice to me even though he rejected me three months ago. My eyes started to flutter like a butterfly in slow-motion. I could hear his voice far away calling my name. I didn't wake up.

When i woke up again i wasn't on the kitchen floor. I was on my room. Good thing last night i decided to wear my best and more presentable pajamas...

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