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Monday, November 26, 2012

Do we linger or is this for forever?

We were walking in a Japanese house, which instead of gardens it had little pool's. Every student from the class trip were divided on there own cliques. For the first time we were together. Even though you say we are best friends.
-"How do you feel being back at your hometown?" He said.
-"Just because i have Asian looking eyes doesn't mean I am asian." I said trying to look at him angrily, which only made me look even more asian.
He started laughing me, and he pointed at me meaning that he had accomplished to look even more asian. The house didn't have railings. I got mad at the way he laughed and i shoved him to a pool. He pulled me to the pool with him. Everybody turned their attention towards us. I was so embarrassed. He got of the pool and he started running from me. I got out and started running after him. The teachers tried to catch us, but we were fast, like thunder.
My face got closer to the floor. I was loosing myself. But i held on my memory. I hadn't fall on the floor, i transformed. Vert and I were the only ones who transformed on tigers. He had transformed also. We kept on running. We left behind our school life and moved. After all we weren't normal.

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